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UK financial product providers are invited to send press releases, news and announcements for display in the appropriate sections of our forums.  Alternatively, rather than wait for our editorial team to process the information, we would be pleased to provide you with your own username and password to enable you to post directly.  This is a completely free service and our intention is that it will remain so.

We would also be pleased for you to take part in any of the discussion forums - registration is free but you MUST register a separate "identity" to take part as a "public member".  If you wish to use the forums in an "official" capacity and/or to promote your products and services we would expect to charge a small annual fee and then issue your chosen username for this with an appropriate title which will identify you/your business.  Please e-mail providers@TheCashQuestion.com for details.

Independent Financial Advisers, Chartered Accountants and similar professionals who meet specific criteria may be issued with a user title free of charge.  Please e-mail ifa@TheCashQuestion.com.

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